Elk NetworkFort Riley, Kansas Forage Enhancement – Restoring Elk Country

Conservation , Restoring Elk Country | August 4, 2021

Yes, there are elk in Kansas and wherever you find wild, free-ranging wapiti , you also find the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

The Fort Riley Military Reservation in east-central Kansas covers 159 square miles of the scenic Flint Hills and acts as a reservoir for the historic tallgrass prairie largely erased from days long since passed.

It also offers the largest unbroken sweep of elk country in the state.

Dating back nearly three decades, RMEF provided $175,000 in funding that leveraged an additional half a million dollars in partner funds to carry out two dozen habitat enhancement projects.

Working hand-in-hand with Fort Riley’s conservation office, RMEF assists with improving wildlife forage plots, removing old fencing and applying invasive weed treatment to enhance quality wildlife forage while minimizing crop damage on adjacent private land.

The upgraded habitat is a boon for an elk herd numbering about 120 and makes it possible for an annual elk hunt.

Habitat enhancements also benefit whitetail deer, wild turkey, quail, pheasant and a host of other non-game species clear down to butterflies.