Elk NetworkE-Scouting for Elk with Randy Newberg and onX (Part 11)

Hunting | September 4, 2018

In Episode #11 of E-Scouting for elk, Randy Newberg brings it all together. This video is a “how to” video that explains how to execute your post-rut E-scouting plan on a day-by-day basis.

Using all of the information from the last 10 videos in the series, Randy shows you how to utilize that knowledge most effectively once your actual hunt begins. Randy talks about your “opening day” plan based on what you might find while scouting, then how to use your plan for a “rest of the season” strategy.

Randy walks through each day, explaining how to prioritize your spots, how to accounting for hunting pressure, wind, and anticipating what elk will do as the hunt progresses. With this example you should be able to effectively implement any E-scouting plan you have designed and efficiently do so within the limited time you might have for your hunt.

The goal of this series is to allow you to scout from home, via computer, and build a very solid hunting plan before you even head to the field. Whether you live ten miles or two days from your unit, this video series will help you plan your hunt, allowing you to be more efficient and more effective.

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